5 to 10% of Belgians cook for their dog but 90% of them do not do it properly and need the advice of their veterinarian

Meet your customers' needs for household food

Vetchef is the veterinarians' toolbox for all aspects of household rations. We have developed an eco-system around household nutrition: recipe formulator, mineral-vitamin supplements, omega 3&6 oils and deer antlers against tartar

Calculate a tailor-made recipe

We have developed a recipe formulator for household rations in collaboration with veterinary nutritionists and university professors.
It takes into account the dog's energy profile and NRC recommendations for nutritional balances.


Print the personalized recipe

Our tool allows you to download the personalized recipe in MS Word format and print it with your practice's contact information.
Your customer has clear and precise instructions for cooking a balanced ration.


Sell nutritional supplements

Sell in your practice, the essential nutritional supplements to cook complete and balanced household rations (Mineral-Vitamins Supplement MVS, Salmon & Rapeseed Oil (Omega 3 & 6), Deer Antler (tartar))

Main principles of household nutrition

Cooking complete and balanced household rations is not difficult. However, certain rules regarding ingredients and proportions must be observed to avoid creating deficiencies.
Providing your customers with balanced and complete recipes is a good way to rectify this.
& Vitamins
Deer antlers

These proportions represent the basic rules, before you start, make sure you create a tailor-made recipe with our calculator.

Oils, minerals and vitamins are essential for the dog's health. Many people forget to add them resulting in deficiencies for their dog.

Why offer your customers to cook for their dogs?

Most people cook themselves to control the quality of ingredients and the proportions of recipes, because their dog is allergic or intolerant to processed food or because their dog no longer eats processed food.

Control over the Ingredients

Cooking yourself allows you to choose nutrient-rich ingredients and control the quality and freshness of the ingredients that make up the dog's household ration.


More and more dogs are developing allergies to the basic ingredients of kibble or to additives in processed food. If the dog has skin problems, allergies or can't digest traditional kibbles, cooking yourself is a good solution.

Pleasure of eating

More and more dogs do not like industrial kibble and have difficulty eating. Offering the dog a fresh and varied wet food will bring him an undeniable pleasure to eat.

How to create a recipe

Our calculator works in 3 steps: enter the dog's profile, select the ingredients and print the recipe

1. Create the dog's profile

2. Select the ingredients

3. Print the recipe

Required nutritional supplements

We have developed a range of nutritional supplements required to provide complete and balanced household rations
Omega 3&6

Omega Mix

Omega Mix contains salmon, rapeseed and sunflower oil to provide a perfect balance of omega 3 and 6. This oil to be added to household rations contributes to the beauty of the skin and coat, strengthens heart function, the immune system and stimulates the appetite.



Nutrimix is an essential nutritional supplement to household rations and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals as well as brewer's yeast, pre- & probiotics for the intestinal flora. Finally, it balances the Ca/P ratio of rations.


Deer Antler

Deer antler is the only 100% natural toothbrush that is animal-friendly. The dog will try to extract the marrow which is full of beneficial nutrients and by doing so will clean the tartar from his teeth.

Who are we?

90% of people who cook for their dogs do not do it properly. We have created this portal to promote household nutrition and help people create complete and balanced household rations.


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